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We are pleased to offer Wax Replacement Produce Packaging solutions for all your packaging needs.
Unlike traditional waxed cartons, Wax Replacement is a water-based coating which eliminates the cascade wax process and alleviates recycling issues that accompany a wax-based product.

ONEPRODUCEBOX.COM is an e-commerce portal providing produce packaging for growers looking for an alternative to waxed cartons.  Headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, The SMC Packaging Group produces, stocks and coordinates shipping of both the wax replacement and normal corrugated produce cartons out of there Arrowhead Containers Division in Kansas City, MO.  In business for over 44 years, The SMC Packaging Group provides innovative packaging solutions to a variety of industries.  Recognizing a need for an alternative to waxed cartons, we have worked hard to develop a package that is both viable in the market place and real world applications, as well as fully recyclable.   With our wax replacement cartons your produce, clothing and packaging shed floor will no longer be subjected to the slick waxy residue that is cast off a waxed carton.


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